Maria Regina De Luca is born in Naples in 1989, she is an italian photographer and journalist. Maria Regina is an Arts graduate specialising in historical-artistic subjects. She studied cinema and scriptwriting at the Escuela Ecam, Madrid and is attending courses in professional photography at the Escuela Efti, Madrid. She studied with some important teachers: Francesco Zizola, Luciano Ferrara, Javier Vallhonrat, Monika Bulaj, Shobha Battaglia. 

At the Napoli Film Festival she created, directed and was the scriptwriter for several short films (La Pelle Secca - 2007 and I Will Wait - 2012) and has contributed to the online periodical "The Post Internazionale" and with the online periodical "Iuppiter News". With "Il mio viaggio, la mia estate" (Associazione Wine and Food) she was the winner of the Jury's award and won 1st prize in the Associazione Mediterraneo e dintorni photographic competition with Urban nature - pics in the garden.

She has exhibited in Palazzo Caracciolo in Naples, has had a personal exhibition in Istanbul in 2012 and in 2016 inaugurated in Madrid a personal atelier of photography named 2DAMOREDEDIOS4 in the antique premises of the flamenco academy Amor de Dio with an exhibition of her own work, Dioniso,  il Chiaroscuro (2016). This Exhibition was in Naples in the September of the same year in Istituto per gli studi filosofici. In the summer 2016 Maria Regina participated at the journalist festival Corigliano Calabro per la fotografia with the work "La Romeria del Rocio". In 2017 she presented in Castel Dell'ovo the work "Matrimonio Anacaprese" at the group show "Sos Partenope, un libro per salvare la città". She participated also at Tarazona Foto festival in the exhibition "De tal palo tal astilla", in the city of Tarazona. 

Maria Regina De Luca works in pictorial experimentation sector and in a theatrical research in everyday life.